Brunch during Fashion Week is compulsory. So on the third day of LFW me and Charline, from Chayleen, decided to go to Berners Tavern, just off Oxford Street, a restaurant inside the luxurious London EDITION hotel. An American entrepreneur Ian Schrager, who was the co-founder and owner of the legendary NYC nightclub Studio 54, is behind the boutique hotel group EDITION and the design of this restaurant hotspot in Soho.

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The restaurant, which Schrager has described as the ‘new kind of gathering place’, has a glamorous atmosphere. It felt like I had arrived at the set of Downton Abbey on that Sunday morning. Two beautiful chandeliers that are hanging from the ceiling and the gold framed paintings that are covering every inch of the walls create this charming feel, which takes you in to a different world for few hours.

So let’s talk about the food. A Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton, is in charge of the kitchen and the all-day dining haven’s seasonal, contemporary British cuisine. Atherton has previously worked together with Gordon Ramsay and now owns 17 restaurants worldwide, one of them being Pollen Street Social in Mayfair.

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And I am a sucker for breakfast. I live for it. It’s my favourite meal of the day, and I never ever skip it (or if I do I will be grumpy as hell. This goes to every meal to be fair…). The breakfast menu of the Berners Tavern is goals. I could have tried every single dish on the menu if I had the chance (maybe one day I’ll be a food critic and my dream will come true).

For breakfast you can choose from full English breakfast, different kinds of eggs on Borough Market sourdough bread, pancakes and waffles, oats, granola, fruit salad, pastry baskets… And the weekend brunch menu is twice the size, with added steak, mac and cheese, burgers… I mean the list is endless.

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I went for a simple but safe avocado and poached eggs on dark sourdough bread, but was left jealous after Chay got her Moroccan fried eggs in tomato fondue and yogurt. We then ordered some blueberry pancakes with honey bananas. Ah.

And as it was a Sunday brunch, and fashion week, there was no refusal when the barman handed us the “Seasonal Cocktails” menu. Chay decided to try a “Room With A View”, with citrus and quince liqueur, apple and Prosecco. I instead went for the best cocktail ever (at least in my opinion), “Forbidden Spritz”. This drink, a combination of grapefruit and vanilla, finished with Prosecco, was a recommendation by the waiter and he couldn’t have been more right.

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Overall the service at Berners Tavern was the highest quality. Usually in places like this the hospitality is not the best and sometimes rude, but there it was very friendly and helpful.

Altogether the whole experience at Berners Tavern couldn’t have been better. I will definitely go back and try their famous burgers (another thing I live for besides breakfast = burgers). And for my the next brunch there I will skip the meal night before, so I have space to try out EVERYTHING!

Happy weekend! S x


10 Berners St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 3NP   tel. 020 7908 7979

(P.S. Go read Charline’s amazing blog HERE!)

Sources:,   Cover photo from here

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