Charge your phone batteries and make sure there’s space on your camera roll. This Insta-famous Australian café locates in the heart of Portobello Road in Notting Hill, and will uplift your Instagram profile as well as give your followers brunch envy.

Farm Girl, which locates at the southern end of Portobello road was founded by Rose Mann and Anthony Hood in 2015. The café “values fresh, nutritionally nurturing ingredients and delivers them in a warm and welcoming environment.” Café’s head-chef, Benoit Marmoriton, who worked as a private chef for several years and travelled the world, has chosen a menu that is as delicious yet nourishing. Therefore, it is guaranteed that you will receive your 5-a-day whatever you decide to order.



Me and Charline arrived at the café on a gloomy Friday afternoon, and we had to wait outside to get seated for about half an hour, thanks to the no reservations-policy. For us the wait didn’t feel too long though – as we used the opportunity to take photos and catch up with some gossip.

When we got seated, we had to wait for our menu for quite some time. There were other people that came after us, and they got their menus, drinks and food much quicker than we did. I think the café was understaffed considering that they were full both inside and outside.


The décor in the café is indeed warm and reminds me of a really chic-farm. It could be restaurant in Soho Farmhouse, made for classy, creative and unconventional people who match their Chanel purse with Lululemon yoga pants and a pair of Nikes (you know where I’m going with this?). The walls are covered in lovely green tiles and they have a wall-mounted fruit baskets garnishing the side of the bar. Every table has bleach-free oatmeal coloured napkins and a salt shaker filled with pink Himalayan salt. VERY chic.



When we finally got our menus, I ordered an Insta-famous Rose Latte – a double shot of espresso with rose water infused milk and petals- and Turkish oven baked eggs, baked in tomato, red pepper and parsley sauce with some Greek yoghurt. Charline went for some ginger tea and Spring Green Salad .

We got our drinks way earlier than our food came, which was a bit disappointing. We had to wait for our mains for quite some time, and by the time we got the plates in front of us, our hot drinks had gone cold.



I was very pleased with my Turkish eggs, which I had been craving since fashion week when we had brunch at the Berners Tavern, and Charline had left me egg-ealous with her choice of Moroccan oven baked eggs. The sauce these eggs came in was very rich and tasty, and the Greek yoghurt really went well with it (only, I had to pay extra £1 for a scoop). I also wanted some greens with my meal so I chose extra avocado (for an extra £2.50 for a half of an avocado).

For dessert (which we had ordered already at the beginning, but the order didn’t reach the kitchen until we mentioned about it) we got some Berry Pancakes – made from chef Benoit’s buckwheat mix with amber maple syrup and seasonal berries. Our pancakes were topped with cranberries, hibiscus, toasted pistachio and hazelnut, but in their summer menu pancakes come with peppermint and fresh strawberries sprinkled with coconut shavings. Me and Charline both agreed that the buckwheat batter made the pancakes taste super healthy, which is exactly what they were. The berry compote on top of the pancakes was super tasty and satisfied my sweet tooth perfectly.


After our lunch I was too full to move, but we had to give space for the next set of people that were waiting for their table outside.

All in all, I was very satisfied with the food at Farm Girl. Except the Rose Latte, which I think will only look good in photos, but the rose water infused milk and the eatable rose petals are just a little bit too much. However, the prices are a bit too high for some of the dishes, although I understand that the ingredients they use are the finest quality and organic. But still, I could get three whole avocados for the price of what I had to pay for a half. Also, the service was a bit all over the place, and waiters and waitresses looked really stressed – clearly since the lack of staff.


This place is a perfect spot for a weekend brunch if you are willing to queue and you’re not in a hurry. Also, the outside space is great, especially now in the summer, and enables a very good lighting for your food pics. Next time I want to try out their acai bowl as well as the Pink Salad. I just hope the high-end location and the Instagram-fame of Farm Girl doesn’t turn it into greedy and complacent place and it doesn’t lose its cosiness.


59a Portobello Rd, London, W11 3DB

tel. +44 207 229 4678

No reservations.

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