Life’s all but a dream sometimes. Like at the moment I can’t help but feel like a little bit lost, even though I can’t really complain about the state of my life – I have a home, food, family and friends, and I have a chance to go to one of the best universities in the world to study the subject I love. I think this feeling is a sum of many things that have happened this year; heartbreaks, pressure at the end of the second year of uni, working alongside of uni, finding work experience and therefore having not had time to really look after myself.

So, in other words, life doesn’t always go as planned and you can’t always control it. At the beginning of the year I felt very motivated and was certain I was going to do everything I was planning on doing – like getting this one job for the summer in London, and then finding an internship before my third year of uni. But then a few months down 2017 something happened and I felt lost. And so I also lost my motivation to aim to do those things. Nearly three months passed and I had to move out of my apartment for the summer. I was sitting in my friends bedroom, where I stayed for a week before flying to Finland for the rest of the summer holidays, and I was thinking why the hell did I let this one bad thing (or a person) to ruin my whole year? And it was only June.


I decided I won’t let this happen anymore. It’s time for me to move on and build myself up.

I’m glad I didn’t get that job in London. I hadn’t seen some of my family members for nearly a year and it feels like coming home home (London is home, Helsinki is home home, get it?) was the best decision. The London lifestyle can really get into you. The stress, constant movement and on top of that highly polluted air – I had to get away from all that.

Stay majestic, no matter what happens in life. Sh*t happens, bad things happen, but life has to go on. And only you can decide for yourself whether you are going down with it or rise up and keep shining. I’ve now chosen to do the last mentioned.


Blogging is my escape from the normal every day life and a door for my dreams. Also, since this week I’ve been returned to my another habitat – the gym. I haven’t done any exercise for over a month now, and properly for months, and I can feel that my mind isn’t the same when I don’t exercise regularly (apart from dancing in the clubs, but I don’t really count that in).

It’s time to start living the life I had before shit happened. Or even better life with refined dreams and goals. Stay majestic and have a lovely weekend!Β S x

Wearing a top fromΒ Zara

Photos by Charline Catteeuw

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